Pool & Cabana

1. The rules for the use of the pool and cabana are posted in the pool area. Residents and guests are responsible for observing these and posted rules at all times. Those not observing these and the posted rules will be subject to expulsion by any member of The Grove Homeowners Association or other disciplinary action by the Board of Directions.

2. The use of the swimming pool and equipment and facilities are at the risk and sole liability of the resident or guest. There is no lifeguard on duty. The gates must be closed AT ALL TIMES. The Grove Homes Association will not assume liability for any resulting personal injury.

3. Residents who are 14 years of age or older may swim without supervision. However, residents under 14 years of age cannot supervise a younger brother, sister, and/or guest without an adult resident at the pool area. Residents under 14 years of age may use the pool ONLY with an adult resident present at the pool. Toddlers not fully trained from diapers cannot be in the pool unless they have "swimmers."

4. No alcoholic beverages allowed. Also, no glass bottles and/or any other glassware allowed within the pool and cabana area. NO SMOKING allowed in our near pool or cabana area.

5 Food is allowed in the Cabana area only; NO Barbecuing. Food is not allowed by the pool.

6. If you have a party at the pool facility, it is your obligation to collect and transport your garbage away. Do not leave garbage in the facility bin as we have no service to collect it. Also, clean up after your party and gathering, and leave the area clean for other resident use.

7. Please recycle all plastic and aluminum bottles and cans in the recycle bin. Do not throw in general garbage bin.

8. Pool and Cabana hours are as follows: (OPEN) 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (QUIET HOURS) 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.; During quiet hours, keep your voice(s) down. Ordinary conversation is magnified due to the water, and this disturbs sleeping residents. Please be courteous. (CLOSED) 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. During CLOSED hours, there is to be no swimming during this time, and no one is allowed in the facility. Any member or resident found using the facility when closed will be subject to expulsion of all recreation privileges.

9. Please use a beach towel when sunning on the lounge chairs as suntan oils and lotions damage and erode the vinyl straps. If you spill something on any chairs in the pool facility, please clean it up.

10. The association requires everyone with long hair wear a bathing cap or hair must be braided or tied up. It is extremely dangerous if hair gets caught in suction port.

11. Diving into the pool is not permitted.

12. No life rafts, boats, balls, or any hard objects are allowed in the pool area. Playing with emergency equipment, such as the life preserver, is strictly forbidden and fine will be assessed for violation of this rule.

13. NO PETS permitted in the pool or cabana area.

14. No radios or appliances for playing music allowed unless headphones are used in this area.

15. Pool key (attached to RED TAG) must be present with you when you are at the facility, if it is not with you, any member can ask you to leave if you lost your key, and a replacement key and tag will cost you $35 non-refundable. Ordering a new tag can take up to several weeks to replace. Please be prepared to wait.

16. If you notice a problem regarding the pool or pool equipment, please advise management for the association, Trident Property Management, 530-751-7040.